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WHA Haiga Contest 126th, January 2015

things I see

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how others see me
Heike Gewi/ What is her life like? A juggle between two boys, husband , the every-day-salad with olive oil for lunch, black and red numbers on white paper in the office and last but not least: writing. She, the word nerd, writes simple and short to be understood. Understanding is key. Clarity in the content with an intent makes her writing interesting. Known as a good listener and researcher, her keen observations hit the nerve. She stays true or at least dies trying. The comparison of herself to other poets or writers keeps her on track. "But careful!" she says "Too much leads nowhere, but to insecurity and a blocking self-editor." Between her lines a giggling, perhaps a tear or two. Non-constructive criticism is what she hates the most. Also not getting feedback. Haiku, poetry in general, short stories and even some brush strokes (mostly digitally) have enriched her life and hopefully those of her readers. She started writing late for good reasons: first ineffective carrier choices and later kids were attached to her legs; literally. Life in Yemen is not ideal today. So, why does she live there? "When you fall in love" she says "do you run when problems arise?"
Pondering. Who would not?

places I love - 15 min drive


in morning mist ...

heaven's yellow voice


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im Morgennebel ...

des Himmels Schweigen


latest in 2015

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